Courses and pricing

10 reasons to choose Convincent Language Education.

  1. Together with you, we choose the best methods available in the market to fit your needs.
  2. We coach you and support you in learning, providing tips and techniques that will help you.
  3. We use your interests, work and background in lessons to motivate learning and to make the process of learning more meaningful and fun.
  4. We focus on your individual attention and needs.
  5. We target your weaknesses to help you work around them and at the same time build on your strengths.
  6. We focus on pronunciation (so that you can feel confident talking) and the everyday use of the language in real life situations (to make sure you use the language).
  7. We stimulate you to practice outside class environment.
  8. We help you feel more confident in Dutch.
  9. Part of the lessons is to help you recognise the subtle body language of the Dutch and to understand the Dutch culture, habits and expressions to avoid miscommunication.
  10. We bridge the gap between your culture and the Dutch culture, making your stay in the Netherlands a fun and positive experience.

Private lessons A1, A2 and B1

  • Beginners/Elementary: from 0 (to A1) to A2
  • Intermediate: from A2 to B1
  • Tuesday-Friday mornings and afternoons: € 90,- per 1.5 hour lesson.
  • Saturdays: € 95,- per 1.5 hour lesson.

Private lessons B2 and C1

  • Upper Intermediate: from B1 to B2
  • Advanced: from B2 to C1
  • Tuesday-Friday mornings and afternoons € 95,- per 1.5 hour lesson.
  • Saturdays: € 100,- per 1.5 hour lesson.

*) If you need a loan from Duo for Inburgeren. Check here for eligble schools.

Last updated on 20 May 2021.