Learning Dutch as a second language (NT2)

Learning a new language is a way to reflect on your own culture and experience different cultural perspectives. It is a tool to communicate and to help express yourself.

Language is something you use every day and always. You use it to talk, to read, to write, in private and in business.

Our private lessons are goal oriented, informal and flexible and located at our location in in the centre of Arnhem. Together we will work on the Dutch language and culture as well as your personal development, putting emphasis on the pronunciation and practical use. We teach people who work or live in the Netherlands and who are motivated to learn or improve their Dutch in an efficient and effective way.

Do you want to learn Dutch?

  • Learning in a comfortable and informal atmosphere.
  • Flexible and goal-oriented approach.
  • Quality and fit for purpose.
  • Improvising, using humour and encouraging you to discover the Dutch language yourself.